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These featured experts can speak to issues related to health care reform, Russia and elections interference, and climate change policy.

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Hota GangaRao

Maurie A. and JoAnn Wadsworth Distinguished Professor; Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering; Director, Constructed Facilities Center

Email: hota.gangaroa@mail.wvu.edu
Office Phone: 304-293-9986

Expertise: Bridges, Fiber reinforced composites, Buildings, Infrastructure, Manufacturing of composite parts, Constructed Facilities Center, Civil Engineering

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Usha Haley

Business Professor

Email: usha.haley@mail.wvu.edu
Office Phone: 304-293-7948

Expertise: International Business, Political Science

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Maura McLaughlin

Maura McLaughlin

Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Email: Maura.McLaughlin@mail.wvu.edu
Office Phone: 304-293-3422

Expertise: Astronomy, National Radio Telescope Observatory, Green Bank Observatory, Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope, Pulsars, Radio, X-Ray and Gamma Ray Observations, Radio Bursts in the…

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